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Is relationship or marriage counseling covered by your insurance?

You have decided to start couples therapy and are looking for a relationship therapist to guide you. But what about the cost of relationship counseling? Can you assume your health insurance or National Health Service will reimburse these costs? Many people think so, but unfortunately in practice this is usually not the case. Health insurance doesn’t technically cover couples therapy or marriage counseling. It only covers mental health therapy and ‘relationship issues’ are in themselves not a diagnosis. There are some health insurance policies under which you are (partially) reimbursed for relationship counseling. Always consult your health insurer about reimbursement possibilities.
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EFT Couple Therapy

If relationship problems are looming, ‘end of relationship’ signs showing, communication in your relationship worsening, or you and your partner seem to be living in separate worlds, it may be worth considering EFT Couples Therapy. It's the ideal way to revive a relationship that’s got stuck in a negative cycle. With EFT marriage counseling, you lay a new, stronger foundation under the relationship, uncover negative interaction patterns and manage conflict better. There is increasing evidence that EFT couples therapy can help save many relationships, provided the willingness is there.

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Wat nou precies de definitie van vreemdgaan is, kan per stel verschillen. Doorgaans wordt seksueel contact met een ander als vreemdgaan gezien. Echter, zijn er ook stellen met een open relatie, waarbij de partners hebben afgesproken dat seksueel contact is toegestaan. Ook sexting wordt vaak als vreemdgaan beschouwd. Flirten met een ander? Meestal zien we dat niet als vreemdgaan, al vinden de meeste mensen het niet prettig als hun partner met een ander flirt. Wat precies vreemdgaan is, is dus vooral afhankelijk van waar jullie de grens leggen.

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